Te iubesc…:)

Hm…nu e sfântul Valentin şi nici Sfântul Gheorghe în Spania (23 aprilie, ziua lui Sant Jordi echivalentul Sfântului Gheorghe, – ziua îndrăgostiţilor). De fapt, cred eu, ziua îndrăgostiţilor este în fiecare zi…şi din acest motiv am să “dedic” acest articol celor care iubesc…şi nu numai. Iată 100 de moduri de a spune te iubesc în engleză:

  1. I love you.
  2. I fancy you.
  3. I rather like you.
  4. I like you a lot.
  5. I like you a hell of a lot.
  6. I adore you.
  7. I’ve taken a fancy to you.
  8. I’ve taken a liking on you.
  9. I’ve taken a shine to you.
  10. I’ve got a soft spot for you.
  11. I’ve got a crush on you.
  12. I’ve got a burning passion for you.
  13. “Come live with me, and be my love; / And we will all the pleasures prove.” (C. Marlowe)
  14. Let’s do it; let’s fall in love. ( Cole Porter song)
  15. I’m in love with you.
  16. I’m head over heels in love.
  17. I’ve fallen for you.
  18. You’re swept me off my feet.
  19. I’ve lost my heart to you.
  20. I’m infatuated.
  21. I’m captivated.
  22. I’m enamored.
  23. I’m besotted.
  24. I’m smitten.
  25. I’m hooked.
  26. I’m quite partial to you.
  27. I’m absolutely devoted to you.
  28. I’m sweet on you.
  29. I’m keen on you,
  30. I’m mad about you.
  31. I’m absolutely crazy about you.
  32. I’m hung up on you.
  33. I love you, I want you, I need you. (Beatles song)
  34. I’m fond of you.
  35. I’m passionately fond of you.
  36. I’m very attached to you.
  37. I lust after you.
  38. I can’t get you out of my mind.
  39. I dream about you.
  40. It was love at first sight.
  41. I only have eyes for you.
  42. I can’t take my eyes off you.
  43. You attract me.
  44. You appeal to me.
  45. You entrance me.
  46. You enthrall me.
  47. You fascinate me.
  48. You tantalise me.
  49. You turn me on.
  50. You get me going.
  51. You make my sap rise.
  52. You make my mouth water.
  53. You make my heart beat faster.
  54. You make my head spin.
  55. You put my mind in a whirl.
  56. I’m bewitched by you.
  57. You make me swoon.
  58. You make my heart melt.
  59. I’m enchanted.
  60. You’re got me under my skin! (Cole Porter song)
  61. You’ve got me under your spell.
  62. You’ve put a spell on me.
  63. I think the world of you.
  64. I worship you.
  65. I worship the ground you walk on.
  66. I idolize you.
  67. I yearn for you.
  68. I long for you.
  69. My heart aches for you.
  70. I can’t live without you.
  71. You’re my baby.
  72. You’re my sweetheart.
  73. You’re my darling.
  74. You’re my dear.
  75. You’re my beloved.
  76. You’re my love.
  77. You’re my lovey-dovey.
  78. You’re my pet.
  79. You’re my angel.
  80. You’re my Romeo.
  81. You’re my Venus.
  82. You’re divine.
  83. I’d die for you.
  84. I’d walk to the ends of the earth for you.
  85. I’ll love you till all the seas run dry.
  86. I love you to distraction.
  87. I dote on you.
  88. You’re the apple of my eye.
  89. You’re my heart’s desire.
  90. You’re irresistible.
  91. I’m getting sentimental over you.
  92. You’ve stolen my heart.
  93. You’re breaking my heart.
  94. We were made for each other.
  95. I’ve got the hoots for you.
  96. We’re soul-mates.
  97. We go together like peaches and cream.
  98. Roses are red, violets are blue, / Sugar is sweet, and so are you.
  99. “O my love is like a red, red rose/ That’s newly sprung in June./ O my love is like a melody/ That’s sweetly played in tune. “ (Robert Burns)
  100. Doubt thou the stars are fire; / Doubt that the sun doth move;/Doubt truth to be a liar; / But never doubt I love. (Shakespeare: Hamlet)

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